Womxn-led companies will create a new layer of economic power in our country.

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Our Focus Points

XXcelerate Fund provides a uniquely powerful combination of business education, peer support and a pathway to financing. It's a model that has been proven to produce higher rates of success.

Founder Profile

  • Womxn who want to work for themselves, start a company, be a leader, create positive change, take care of their families and communities, or feel isolated and are seeking a community of like-minded peers.
  • Business is Oregon-based and womxn-led
  • Industry agnostic
  • Desire to participate in or contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem (community references, pitch competition participants, accelerator graduates, policy, etc.)
  • Exceptional, non-traditional opportunities

Social Impact & Research

  • Create local jobs and employment and training opportunities
  • Diversify the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Understand the needs of underrepresented founders
  • Design a system that can be replicated in other communities in Oregon and across the country
  • Observe and measure the power of peer networks in entrepreneurship
  • Assess the growth trajectory and priorities of women founders
  • Measure the power of entrepreneurial peer networks, collective power, and social capital
  • Foster a pipeline of women entrepreneurs

Education & Curriculum

  • Defining growth and scale
  • Finance, documentation, and accounting
  • Sales, benchmarking, and KPIs
  • Branding and marketing
  • Customer success and retention
  • Hiring, culture, core values
  • Capitalizing with bank loans, venture capital, and independence

Access to Capital & Funding

  • We provide Capital Readiness Coaching for all womxn founders considering equity and/or debt-based funding
  • Pursuing a loan? We’ll help with your loan application and introduce you to community partner lenders
  • Graduates of our XXcelerator program are eligible to apply for XXcelerate Fund a character-based loan of up to $100K, a collaboration with Colorado Lending Source

Community, Coaching, Capital, Culture-Change

Entrepreneurs in typical accelerator programs are taught to fundraise, with very little emphasis on sales, growth and traction. XXcelerator takes a completely different approach.  

XXcelerator focuses on sales and growth, scaling operations, financial acumen and people strategy.


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The future of how we support womxn

Get access to resources you need to scale your business.

“Since the community, network and mentors are all womxn, it allows us to feel safe, be vulnerable, understood and define our own success.”