Women-led companies will create a new layer of economic power in our country.

XXcelerate Fund provides a uniquely powerful combination of business education, peer support and a pathway to financing. It's a model that has been proven to produce higher rates of success.

Founder Profile:

• Business is women-led*  

• Industry agnostic, but with demonstrated product/market fit and an established customer base
• Situated in the defined gap between bank loans and venture capital
• Positioned for national and/or international scale
• Demonstrated participation in/contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem (community references, pitch competition participants, accelerator graduates, etc.)
• Exceptional, non-traditional opportunities

(*trans-identified individuals included)

Social Impact
& Research Goals

• Create local jobs and employment and training opportunities
• Diversify the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
• Understand the needs of underrepresented founders
• Design a system that can be replicated in other communities in Oregon and across the country.
• Observe and measure the power of peer networks in entrepreneurship
• Assess the growth trajectory and priorities of women founders
• Measure the power of entrepreneurial peer networks, collective power, and social capital
• Foster a pipeline of women entrepreneurs

Education and Curriculum:

The year-long educational curriculum includes training and support in the following key areas:

• Defining growth and scale
• Finance, documentation, and accounting
• Sales
• Benchmarking
• Marketing
• Brand
• Key performance indicators
• Customer success and retention
• Hiring, culture, core values
• Capitalizing your business: bank lending
• Capitalizing your business: venture capital
• Capitalizing your business: independence

Application & Underwriting:

  • A Founder meeting the Founder Profile will submit an application

  • If approved applicant will commit to multi-month-long education and support group. If denied, applicant may be invited to receive continued support.

  • XXcelerate provides Loan application guidance, vetting and introduction to community partner lenders

  • Lending partner performs underwriting and loan managment