We focus on three tracks of active learning

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

  • Setting OKRs
  • Business Systems
  • Profit First
  • Legal & Accounting Best Practices
  • Prepping for Capital

Sales and Revenue

  • Sales Cycle & Process
  • Pricing and Product Positioning
  • How to Pitch
  • Sales Strategy & Revenue Building

Growth and Finance

  • Planning for Growth
  • Financial Projections
  • Funding your Growth
  • Capital readiness coaching

In addition to the 3 educational components every month, XXcelerator includes the following experiences: 

  • Peer Mentorship:
    You will be paired with other women who are in the same stage of business as you. Sharing vetted resources, supporting each other through similar challenges, sharing experiences and keeping each other accountable to your goals. This is a mini Advisory Board of peers that get you so you don’t have to journey alone.
  • Thinkific: 
    You will have access to our online learning portal where you can access XXcelerator's curriculum along with recordings, notes and worksheets. Your virtual learning sessions will be hosted here.
  • Online Community : 
    You will be invited to join our online community on Slack, where you may join in conversation with other XXcelerate members, alumni, mentors and coaches. Announcements, vetted resources, asks, and offers are shared among the community on open Slack channels.
  • One on One Coaching:
    You will have access to business, strategy and capital coaches who can help you apply the lessons of the cohort to your own business. Personalizing the experience to your exact needs.
  • Pitch and Storytelling Event: 
    We will be working with you during the cohort to ready you for a graduation event like no other. Participants will have the opportunity to ‘Pitch’ their business or share their business story/products with a captive audience of investors and community resources at the end of the cohort. We will invite Friends of XXcelerate to come share an evening of celebrating your business and accomplishments.

"There is an undercurrent of sexism in so much of the business world. XXcelerate defies that norm and provides a safe space to scale our businesses."


XXcelerator FAQs

Do I have to be in Portland to join XXcelerator?

Participants in XXcelerator do not have to live in Portland, but they do have to be Oregon-based. Participants will need to be in Portland for a monthly class session and a monthly workshop. The schedule of dates will be made available in advance.

Does acceptance into XXcelerator come with funding from the XXcelerate Fund?

No. Participation in XXcelerator and financing are not combined. However, graduation from the XXcelerator is a pre-requisite for applying to the loan program. Those interested in financing from the XXcelerate Loan Program will need to apply and undergo a separate process of vetting and underwriting.

Does XXcelerator take equity in my business in exchange for participation?


What stage of business should I be at to be a good fit for XXcelerator?

You should already have a product or service in the market that you are selling to customers. Early stage, beta stage or concept stage companies are not an ideal fit for the XXcelerator. Participants in the XXcelerator should be in the early stages of preparing to scale and grow their business based on a tangible and validated service or product.

Are scholarships available for participation in XXcelerator?

Yes. We do have a limited number of scholarship spots available in XXcelerator. Please contact us to learn more.

How many spots are really available in XXcelerator?

Personal connection and quality interaction are paramount to our model. We accept between 10-12 individuals for each cohort. We host two cohorts a year, Spring and Fall.

How do I apply?

We are currently not offering the accelerator and are re-envisioning how we deliver education for growing women owned business

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