Ready to take your business from zero to sixty? 

Women run some of the most profitable businesses. Data shows they lead companies that are more likely to succeed, more capital efficient, and have higher annual revenues.

The XXcelerator provides the education, mentorship, peer support and accountability that women entrepreneurs need to succeed. This intensive 12 month business building program was designed by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs, and is supported and backed by the best mentors, instructors and coaches. Participants can access the resources and help they need at this critical stage in their business growth.


What you'll learn: 

  • How to stay focused on the critical areas that matter the most for your business.

  • How to think critically about your growth, and how you execute day to day.

  • Gain the clarity you need to execute your plans with ease and vision.

  • Strengthen your leadership skills to build a stronger, more effective organization.

  • Know exactly how all financial mechanisms work to drive your business forward. Gain the ability to forecast more accurately, and look around corners.

  • Learn how to create a sustainable, repeatable and scaleable sales and marketing process for your business.


Watch the video to learn more:

  • Applications are open until May 16th.

  • Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

  • Applicants will be selected by June 4th.

  • The program kicks off June 15th.


Inspired by and Created for Women Entrepreneurs, By Women Entrepreneurs.

This education and mentorship program was designed just for women entrepreneurs. It’s the program I wish had existed for us.
— Genevieve LeMarchal - Founding Entrepreneur of XXcelerate and Secretary of the Board

About the program:

Traditional accelerator programs emphasizes getting entrepreneurs to a pitch day. Entrepreneurs are taught to fundraise, with very little emphasis on sales, growth and traction.

XXcelerator takes a completely different approach.  

No pitching, no investor meetings. No decks, no demo days. XXcelerator focuses on sales and growth, scaling operations, financial acumen and people strategy.

Participants will attend monthly education sessions, workshops, peer support group meetings, as well as one-on-ones and ancilliary coaching, spread over 12 months. 

The 12 month program includes access to valuable mentorship and experts, coaching, valuable introductions, referrals and support from like-minded women entrepreneurs.


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XXcelerator is an inclusionary space for women entrepreneurs created to change the boardrooms, executive suites, investor meetings, and banks, to be diverse and equitable.  There is startling diversity in our first cohort in race, disability, sexual orientation, income level, education, age, parental status, and country of origin. 


Curriculum at a Glance:

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Download the detailed curriculum in PDF format:


Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici speaking to the cohort at a monthly education session.

A special thank you to our host, K&L Gates. 



Farah Jesani

Founder, one stripe chai

Maryam Behrouzi

founder, Spela Cosmetics

Jennifer B.JPG

Jennifer Bolanos

Via Raiz

"XXcelerator has not only given us a large network, but gives us a front seat to constantly access that network. Having seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs of various success-levels in one room is a priceless phenomenon, and all of us being women adds a level of comfort and trust that is indescribable." - Farah Jesani


"There is an undercurrent of sexism in so much of the business world. XXcelerate defies that norm and provides a safe space to access the network I need to be successful...we are all focused on growing a successful business, which means hiring employees, giving back to our communities, and reinvesting in Oregon’s future." - Maryam Behrouzi


"I have looked at every program in Portland, and there is nothing like XXcelerate. Since the community, network and mentors are all women, it allows us to feel safe, be vulnerable, understood and successful. They support businesses to get to the next level, to grow and succeed, but they don’t expect unrealistic results. They want to build and grow sustainably overtime which will help the business owners, and the community." - Jennifer Bolanos



Do I have to be in Portland to join XXcelerator?

Participants in XXcelerator do not have to live in Portland, but they do have to be Oregon-based. Participants will need to be in Portland once a month minimum for the monthly workshop. A schedule of workshops will be announced in advance.

Does acceptance into XXcelerator come with funding from the XXcelerate Fund?

No, participation in XXcelerator and financing are not combined. Those interested in financing from the XXcelerate Fund will need to apply and undergo a separate process of vetting and underwriting. 

Does XXcelerator take equity in my business in exchange for participation?


What stage of business should I be at to be a good fit for XXcelerator?

You should already have a product or service in the market that you are selling to customers. Early stage, beta stage or concept stage companies are not an ideal fit for XXcelerator. Participants in XXcelerator should be in the stages of preparing for scale and growth of their business.

Are scholarships available for participation in XXcelerator? 

Yes, we do have a limited number of scholarship spots available in XXcelerator. Please contact us to learn more.

How many spots are really available in XXcelerator? 

Personal connection and quality interaction are paramount to our model, we are also limited by the space at our chosen venue. The number of spots available is less than 30.


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